Wait, when the hell did Wiz and Amber get married?


Where the hell have I been?

Amber Rose, who was caught by TMZ while out in LA recently, slipped up when  she was handed a Ninja Turtle ice cream treat and mentioned her “husband’s” love for the cartoon.

What…Ninja Turtles!

What person in their twenties/ early thirties doesn’t love Ninja Turtles?

Remember the cartoon? I’m getting flash backs already…

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!

Heroes in a half shell, Turtle Pow….WAIT HUSBAND?


Rumors circulated fast that the two were indeed already a married couple, with one internet source even referencing his quotes from a November 2012 interview where the he mentioned wanting to get a marriage license now and having a ceremonial wedding at later date.

 “When you have the ceremony that’s when you can invite the family,” he said. “She can fit into a dress and then like nieces, nephews, if we have a daughter one day, she might wanna give the dress to our daughter, but if she’s pregnant then she can’t do that.”


Meh, whatever…but apparently, the news isn’t true, as Wiz and Amber have already confirmed with TMZ that they are not married.

Not yet anyway…