Tyrese gets his first number 1 with new album “Black Rose.”

tyrese-gibson-takes-no-1-spot-on-billboard-200-with-black-roseI think most fans forget that Tyrese has been around for a minute now (almost 2 decades), doing everything from singing your favorite R&B tunes to starring in your favorite action blockbuster movie.

But finally, after all of his years in the entertainment industry, Mr. Gibson has finally scored a number 1 with his latest album Black Rose!

Tyrese, who decided to go independent and start his own label Voltron Recordz, dropped his sixth (and final) studio album on July 10th, and did a lot of the album promo work on his own (have you seen the videos of Ty getting on public transportation singing, orĀ  talking about his album next to a homeless woman).

All of that self promo apparently worked because Tyrese hit number 1 on Billboard’s Top R&B/Hip Hop chart with over 70,000 equivalent album units!

Congrats to Tyrese!

What you need to make it in the industry today #2015 Heart, Substance, not just TALK about things that could and should be better "privately" but be very vocal about it…. And of course our father God… To keep you armored for the haters and attacks and people trying to twist your words and sincere intentions….. Yup….. We got a big album on our hands…. #BlackRose We did it with only 6 people at #VoltronRecordz a Samsung Galaxy phone!!! Hahahha! Haters Beware!!! I read a few negative blogs hating on my #BlackRoseMission This is what today's MUSIC BUSINESS LOOK LIKE in 2015!!!! Independent hustle – #VoltronRecordz here's the list of what it takes to be #1 in 15 countries in R&B!! 1. Fried Chicken -and biscuits from Ralph's, 2. Potato wedges ( extra ketchup ) 3. a Coca Cola on ice.. 4. Red cup ( always makes me feel like I'm in Watts ) 5. Aquafina ( my favorite water of all time )..6 a Samsung Galaxy 6 phone.. 7. The new super thin light weight MacBook GOLD apple laptop ).. 8.i have 9 boxes of #BlackRoseAlbums that has to be shipped overseas with signatures on them who pre-ordered, 9. Fly ass @MrLouisStewart custom backpack, 10. A Marshall portable boom box for playback…. 11. A fresh Cuban cigar ( cause they're legal in the U.S. Now )… and a man who gives it ALL the God while implementing the visions and gifts he continue to bless me with…. There's your checklist…. While major labels have a staff of 1,000 we only have 6, the overhead is low and we're hungry as if we have NOTHING!!! Thank you for the love and energy WORLDWIDE this is my first #1 album and first time being #1 on the top 200 and I've been at it for 20 years… I didn't get this far in my life and career lacking determination – whatever the first week of sales it doesn't matter cause WE STILL WON…. WE STILL RE-SPARKED THIS LOST GENRE CALLED R&B… Even if you didn't buy my album… I'm just grateful that you even wanted to… Shout to #TeamVoltron #TeamBlackRose and #TeamTyrese and of course #TheLoveCircle we did it!!!!!!

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