Tyrese faints in DC night club due to exhaustion!

TGT must be pretty busy these days promoting for their album and touring.

Ginuwine already caused controversy when he had a case of the “quick winks,” on WLNY’s The Couch morning show during a TGT performance; which of course he blamed on the amount of caffeine he had that morning.

He was just tired and experiencing the effects of a high powered, caffeine filled energy drink. That’s all…

Now as another result of exhaustion in the group, singer Tyrese was recently rushed to the hospital after he fainted in a night club last week.

Reports say that the singer was in Washington, DC to make an appearance at night club Park at The Fourteenth. While the R&B trio were on stage performing, Tyrese passed out, and was immediately rushed to the nearest hospital.

Singer Tank tweeted out a thank you message to fans for their support and prayers

A recent pic of the two singers with Tyrese’s arm in a sling is also good news, but not great news. Other than having his arm strapped up to his torso for a while, the singer is doing is well, and that’s whats most important.

Let’s hope Tyrese gets some more rest before he starts promoting hard again, so this incident doesn’t happen twice!