Tyga went to Jamaica and used a White girl as his music video lead but Black women as props!

Where’s Jesse Williams when you need him…

Because Tyga clearly didn’t get the memo about cultural appropriation, or enabling other people to do it.

The rapper went all the way to Kingston, Jamaica to film a music video for his song “1 of 1” (a Drake “Controlla” rip off that doesn’t sound half as good as the original) and decided to use the island as the backdrop of his MV. Aside from jumping on the “reggae/island” trend that’s been taking over pop music lately, Tyga also chose to appropriate Jamaican culture by using a White German/Pakistani model named Amina Blue as his romantic lead while the women of the island stood in the background as part of the setting.

The fact that the wardrobe department decided to give her Bantu knots, braids, beads and a Jamaica shirt only makes it worse.

Why get a Black woman as your lead when you can just hire a White model, dress her up in “Black/Jamaican culture” instead and let the remaining Jamaican Black women appear in the background as props and extras?

Black Twitter did the right thing and dragged the Tyga for his music video and the leading lady starring in it.