Toronto rapper Mo-G deletes IG posts dragging Drake and OVO!

After posting videos on Instagram dragging OVO and Drake, threatening to expose them for the “culture vultures” that they are, Toronto rapper Mo-G deleted all of the posts!

Seems suspicious considering the dude went in on everybody at OVO, including Drake’s manager, Oliver El-Khatib, who Mo said was dweeb. The only explanation I can come up with is the same one that DJ Akademiks touched on in the video below; Drake cut Mo-G a check to shut him the fuck up.

Think about it: G’s complaint in his videos about Drake and OVO was the lack of payment for stealing his sound, flow and look… not the fact that OVO was actually stealing his swag.

It seems that for the right amount of money people will allow their “art” to be stolen and won’t complain about it as long as the money keeps coming. So as long as Drake keeps cutting checks for the rappers he’s stealing bars from, he won’t have to worry about someone like Mo-G threatening to expose his  shit.