The Philadelphia Eagles win Super Bowl LII!! Celebs react!

It’s been a long time coming, but the Philadelphia Eagles have finally won themselves a Super Bowl ring this year!

Back up QB Nick Foles lead the team to victory against Tom Brady and the Patriots (a repeat Super Bowl Champion team), 41-33, in Minnesota, February 4th, 2018.

Fans went wild after the win, celebrating in sports bars, congregating in the streets of Philly, climbing light/traffic poles, gathering on top of hotel awnings until they collapsed under the weight and basically running a muck throughout the city (all in good fun though)!

However, there was one fan who, in the midst of all the chaos, decided to eat horse shit to celebrate the Eagles win…so yeah… that happened.

Image result for eagle fan eats horse poop

Celebrity Eagles fans were just as proud about the win, posting videos and tweets congratulating the team or the long awaited win and the Patriots humiliating defeat!


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Fans from far and wide will remember this historic win! The Philadelphia Eagles and the City of Brotherly Love have been waiting decades for it and it’s well deserved!