The Game came to Philly TWICE to get some cheesesteaks and start shit!

I guess going on The Wendy Williams Show and dropping more diss tracks and shady memes wasn’t enough for Game because the rapper decided to make a visit to Philly and start more trouble.

The Los Angeles MC was in the city to grab a bite to eat from South Philly cheesesteak spot, Geno’s, and took proof shots to share with his fans on IG.

After getting dragged in the comments for going to a “tourist hot spot” frequented by cops for a Philly delicacy, The Game came BACK to Philly to hit up Max’s in North Philly.

Not sure whether Game just really likes Philly food or he’s trying to start some shit between Meek and the city. Funny how he went from being “non-violent” for the sake of #BLM and speaking out against police brutality to making trips to rapper’s hometown in hopes of bumping into people.

Oh yeah, that’s right, he has an album to promote, never mind.