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The Crowd Updater’s F.A.Q.’s!


Q. What kind of website is The Crowd Updater?

Check out our About Page for that answer.

Q. Where is The Crowd Updater from/based?

Philadelphia, the City of Brotherly Love!

Q. How can I contact The Crowd Updater?

Visit our Contact Page for more information on how to contact TCU.

Q. Who blogs for The Crowd Updater?

The Crowd Updater is run by one blogger, Stakz, while other bloggers add stories to the site.

Q. Can I blog for this website?

Yes! The Crowd Updater is always looking for talented people to add content to the website. For more information, email The Crowd Updater to find out how to become a possible blogger for the site.

Q. How can I get my music on The Crowd Updater?

If you would like to see your music/music video on The Crowd Updater, email us for submission information. 

Q. I have a question that I don’t see posted on the FAQ’s page. How do I contact you in regards to this?

Check out our Contact Page, feel free to email us any other questions you have that aren’t listed on this page. Thanks!