The Best Tweets of the Week: Miley Cyrus, Rihanna, Weezy, and more!

The 3rd official Crowd Updater’s Best Tweets of the Week post. Check out the tweets below to see if any of yours made the cut!

The Best Tweets of The Week 9/22- 9/28

Instead of complaining about about whether or not Hip Hop is dead, go out and support the music that you want to hear instead. Buy the albums, go to the concerts, request that shit on the radio, follow these artists on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube…anything to show love and give them support. Hip Hop is not dead, you just have to go out and find the bitch, because right now, she’s not really on the radio or TV.


At this point it’s only a matter of time before we see Miley on the cover of some popular magazine all naked with her titties out. Oops, that already happened with Rolling Stone.

So yeah, her only option going forward at this point would be to just pose completely nude for Playboy, like the ratchet suburban slut she’s pretending to be (or not).


You ain’t neva lied!!!

Rihanna just seem like the type of chick who LOVES to be surrounded by drama. This chick literally can’t go a good week without being in the news for bullshit, but yet she continues to spread her life and times across the social media like she spreads her legs. Just stop it Ri, because now you’re influencing little girls like Cryus and we all saw what that bitch did at the VMA’s after she smoked a blunt… so stop it!




Fuck Lil Wayne, I’m still trying to figure out how Trinidad James happened! LOL


My exact thoughts every time someone starts trying to pump Drake up like he’s the best thing since TuPac.


But, where is he now… smh.

Well, let this be a lesson to you young kids out there… cocaine is a helluva drug! Good night folks!