That Fuck Audience at Coachella who showed OutKast no love gave me another reason to hate todays Hip Hop Generation!!

(Philip Cosores/

Hip Hop heads across the globe rejoiced when news hit that OutKast was reuniting to perform at this year’s Coachella Music and Arts Festival; who wouldn’t want to pay good money to see history being made by two of rap’s biggest super stars after taking an almost 10 year hiatus from music?

Well apparently, the FUCK AUDIENCE at this year’s Coachella who attended their set didn’t care for the rappers.

You know there’s a problem with the audience when they show NO LOVE for a legendary duo such as OutKast, but go CRAZY when rapper Future steps out on their stage as their guest!


Yes folks, all the young people now a days who enjoy Hip Hop music will applaud a newbie like Future, who (No shade towards him) has done NOTHING in Hip Hop compared to Big Boi and 3 Stacks!Even Janelle Monae (who I STAN for) had to step in and say something to the audience.

“This is my favorite group in the entire world,” proclaimed Monae. “And what we’re witnessing tonight is history.”

Yet even with Monae trying to get the crowd hype for her favorite group, sources are saying that the Coachella crowd couldn’t care less and were more excited to see the guests.

“…the chemistry and camaraderie between Andre 3000 and Big Boi was a thrill to behold; and their rapping was on point. But as the crowd’s energy quickly, inexplicably faded, so did Outkast’s, and the show began to lag. Many times throughout the 90-minute concert, the duo seemed to seek validation, some sort of confirmation that spectators were actually enjoying themselves.”

This is just another reason why I can’t fuck with this new generation of Hip Hop heads. For the most part, I’ve been letting a lot of you slide and giving y’all the benefit of the doubt. But incidents like these are the very reason why this new generation can’t say shit to me about Hip Hop; a lack of understanding when it comes to good music and a lack of respect.

It doesn’t matter if the crowd only knew Hey Ya by OutKast or if they knew the whole damn catalog; anytime an artist or their musical guest has to ask the crowd if they’re still alive, there’s a problem.

Which means this new #FuckGeneration of Hip Hop heads is a problem… and ain’t nobody got time for that.

But if you do have SOME time on your hands, check out the full Outkast set below!