Tamar Braxton reportedly involved in domestic fight with husband Vince!

A while back rumors started to surface that Tamar Braxton and her husband, Vince Herbert, were not living happily ever after and were headed for divorce. Of course the couple denied those rumors by posting a video to IG, but now more rumors are circulating that the duo are done for after an alleged hotel fight in Atlanta.

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Sources say Tamar and Vince got into such a heated argument at the Ritz Carlton that it turned into a physical altercation and the police were called. Vince, who reportedly bit Tamar on her hand so hard (specifically the finger) he drew blood, had already disappeared by the time the police arrived and Tamar was refusing aid from the EMT’s, even though her finger was in need of stitches.

Apparently the cause of all the domestic drama began when Tamar was fired from The Real, prompting the singer to get new management, and ultimately drop her husband, Vince, as her manager. That must have set Vince off and started the argument/fight at the Ritz Carlton Hotel.

Since the alleged domestic dispute no other rumors have surfaced about the couple and no arrest have been made against Vince for biting his wife’s finger.

Hope everything works out with these two!