Shit just got real! Mos Def just challenged all MC’s to battle… #MicDrop

Mos Def posted a video challenging all rappers, ANY rapper, to step to him, Black Thought and King Los in a battle.

The New York MC’s not feeling the current scene in Hip Hop right now and wants to put an end to all petty feuding with one epic battle.

“I’m tired of these dudes, pretending like that they dope. You alright, but relax. The dope niggas that think they dope, you ain’t as dope as you think. You cool, but you ain’t that deal. And we don’t have to make no back and forth corny records about it.”

In the video, Def makes it clear that him, King Los and Black Thought are willing to take on ANYBODY, and pout on million on it, and take the challenger’s money and give it all to charity.

Sounds good… but so far only one MC has stepped up to the plate.

Lupe Fiasco responded to the challenge via Instagram.

Dear Yasiin Bey, Whenever, wherever, whoever… Sincerely, Lupe Fiasco

A photo posted by Lupe Fiasco – Bogglin' Giblets (@lupefiasco) on


A photo posted by Lupe Fiasco – Bogglin' Giblets (@lupefiasco) on

Dis gon be good!!!