Safaree drops “Panda” freestyle MV; should quit rap and stick to reggae!

Safaree Samuels has been trying to make a name for himself in Hip Hop ever since he broke up with Nicki Minaj and stopped being her assistant, manager and rumored ghostwriter (whatever).

Unfortunately the would be MC hasn’t been that lucky with his own music career because most fans either brush him off as a “wannabe” or discredit him due to their strong biased stan love for Nicki. However his “Panda” freestyle may allow him a future in music after all… just not in rap.

Safaree’s “Panda” track was more bearable than most of his other songs where he just raps over a beat. And with the current trend of pop music infusing reggae/island riddims and artists, Safaree might be better off dropping music like this than trying to make rap albums.

What do you think?