Rumors about Beyonce’s new album and upcoming tour!!!

Beyonce has become the epitome of dropping new music and albums unannounced; so much so that when other artists release new shit without notice it’s referred to as “pulling a Beyonce!”

That’s why it makes sense that her fans are always on the edge of their seats waiting for any rumor or leak because shit could get real at any moment. One second you’re watching Beyonce perform her (announced) new single Formation during  the Super Bowl Halftime Show and the next second you’re trying to save up for her World Tour.

But in true form Beyonce hasn’t shared much info with her fans about her upcoming album or tour since fans learned they would be getting both this year. However, some of the BeyHive have been digging for news/rumors about the tour/album, and this is what they have so far:

  • The album is coming out next month. Fans are assuming that Bey will drop the album next month because her tour starts April 27th, and according to The Beyhive Team, a lot of the songs performed on the tour will be from the new album.

  • Beyonce will drop 2 joint albums instead of one. There’s no evidence really supporting this rumor other than the fact that Beyonce trying to outdo what she did with her last self-titled album, (especially now that everyone drops new albums without notice). Rumor also points to joint album with her husband Jay Z… so take that how you want.
  • The album will be released through her husband’s streaming service, TIDAL. This rumor makes a lot of sense, not only because it’s Jay Z’s platform but also because TIDAL could really use the good promo from Bey if she drops an album. It’s not like that company has been doing well since its debut with all the constant fires, new hires and etc.
  • The tour is going to be INSANE!

And any other details you want… you’ll have to get from Mrs. Carter… when she’s ready!