Robin Thicke shits on Justin Timberlake with new music!!

I hate to be THAT person and take the only two mainstream white male singers who can pull off urban music and compare them to each other; but Robin Thicke makes it so hard when he keeps shitting on Justin Timberlake so effortlessly.

Don’t get me wrong, Justin is a solid singer and performer, but Robin is just on a totally different level with his music.

His recent track to take a shit all over Timberlake… Blurred Lines.

As soon as the song came on, I was instantly reminded of Motown legend Marvin Gaye, especially his song Got To Give It Up.

In a good way though, not in a “Bruno Mars fuckin’ ripped off The Police with his song Locked Out of Heaven ” sort of way.

The music video, directed by Diane Martel, basically has Thicke singing and strutting his stuff around in a room with a few beautiful (and topless, depending on which video you watch) models, while T.I. and Pharrell Williams join in on the activities.


It’s different, lighthearted, and fun… what more could I want?


I’m not trying to throw shade at J.T. by giving props to Robin Thicke by the way (even though that’s technically what I’m doing).

I’m not sure if it’s Justin’s boy band past that makes it difficult for him to shed his “candy coated pop” image, but Robin has “grown man appeal” written all over him; while J.T. feels like he’s still trying to prove he is one.

I mean, c’mon, only Thicke could get away with a line like “What rhymes with hug me” and still look sexy as shit in the video doing it?

It’s really unfair when you think about it.

Justin already has a solid fan base that’s been following him since his *Nsync days, a group waaaay bigger than Robin’s fan base alone. This makes it a lot easier for J.T. when promoting and landing interviews and what not.

Which would explain how Future Sex/LoveSounds 2.0, I mean The 20/20 Experience has already gone Platinum within weeks of being released.

(I swear if any of you say it was because of the singles/ album alone and not J.T’s celebrity status I will back slap you)

On the other hand, you have the equally (if not more) talented Robin Thicke, who has written and featured on many different artists’ songs (everyone from Brandi and Christina Aguilera to Jay Z and Lil Wayne) but is still clearly the more underrated singer.

Ugh, life is not fair, but at least we still have Robin to groove to while J.T.’s on his Suit and Tie shit looking in Mirrors and what not.

What do you guys think?