Rihanna uses Budweiser documentary to media play over her recent fuck ups with fans!

Rihanna’s had a damn good year so far. While other pop starlets have been figuring out the direction of their new album, flopping on the charts, or changing their entire image based on Riri’s OLD style, the Bajan beauty has been enjoying overwhelming success this year with her seventh studio album Unapologetic. The album debuted at number 1 on the Billboard charts and has already gone Platinum for the artist.

However, all of this success does nothing to hide the fact that Rihanna treats her fans and journalists like shit. She knows it, her team knows it, and all of the non-delusional fans who aren’t afraid of RiRi’s Navy knows it.

So what’s the best way to overcome this embarrassing mark on her otherwise successful music career?

Why, get a beer beverage company to film a documentary about how much the pop star LOVES her fans of course!

The Half of Me documentary” (if that’s what you want to call it ) is basically 11 minutes of media play with footage from Ri’s Diamonds World Tour, a few glamor shots, and a handful of the singer’s Navy talking about how in LOVE they are with the superstar and how her music career has inspired them to go after their dreams…

The usual fluff.

But then Rihanna comes in with her bullshit lies and I am DONE…

“Everything that I have acquired, everything that I have accomplished, I really owe it to my fans. It’s really them that made that happen, so you know, they mean a lot to me. My fans, they mean everything to me.



Maybe if there weren’t rumors and footage of Rihanna cursing her fans out and hitting them, I might have believed her.

But after the high school incident where she arrived OVER FOUR HOURS late to see a bunch of kids who had won the chance to meet her through a charity contest, I’m done giving Rihanna the benefit of the doubt.

And hiring a few of her Navy die-hards to fap over the bitch in a 11 minute video to media play over her fuck ups isn’t going to convince me other wise.

Sorry Ri.

You’re successful and rich, but your attitude towards your fans, the people who help catapult you to fame, deserve better.

  • Cheri Bey

    This vid was put up on youtube on the 17th of September…What are you going on about…Does anyone ever beleive what you write on this blog?

    • TCUpdater

      And Ri’s been fucking her fans up prior to that date… so what point are you trying to make? Media play AFTER a fuck up is usually what PR teams/labels do. A celebrity fucks up, then their team tries to fix their image in the media. Same point I made in the blog