Rihanna gives no fucks; continues to show up to events late as shit!!!

Are you surprised?

I’m not surprised. The only thing I’m surprised at is the fact that Rihanna’s fans still even buy tickets or expect professionalism from the singer; but if they like, I love it!

The Barbadian pop star had a concert scheduled earlier this month in Monte Carlo where, according to reports, fans paid at least $780 just to be in the building.


All of that money (and all of her fans) still didn’t stop Bad Girl Riri from showing up three hours late to the event. What was supposed to start at 8:30, didn’t begin until after 11:30 that night, when Rihanna finally took the stage ready to perform.

Unlike the school appearance Rihanna made a while ago back in March (where she also showed up hours late), I doubt the singer will be issuing out a $5,000 check as an apology anytime soon.

I doubt she will stop showing up late for her shows as well.

It’s not like fans have stopped going to her concerts in protest, or have called her out on her shit publicly enough to elicit a sincere response from the starlet.

She just doesn’t give a fuck.

As for me, as much as I hate to admit how much I enjoy Rihanna’s music as a guilty pleasure, you would never catch my ass at one of her concerts to see her perform!

Fuck dat shit!

I’ll be damned if I pay good money to see someone who decides to arrive hours late just because they can…

Or decide it’s okay to hit me with her microphone when I get a little over enthusiastic as she walks by.

Yeah, that actually happened…