Remy Ma is joining the cast of “Love And Hip Hop” when she should be starring in her own show!


Remy Ma is officially joining season 6 of VH1’s ratchet “reality” series, Love And Hip Hop; a show made up of struggling celebrities who are somewhat involved in the Hip Hop industry (save the 1st season). A show that, as far as most fans are concerned, Remy Ma is too good for.

Not that Remy couldn’t use the push in her career to become a bigger house hold name, but she’s an actual Hip Hop artist who’s had radio spins, concerts, and fame before she went to jail in ’08. Even behind bars, Remy was STILL a force to be reckoned with in Hip Hop; fans supported the New York MC while incarcerated and waited patiently for the Queen’s return to Hip Hop when she was released.

The majority of LAHH‘s cast members are not actually Hip Hop artists, and barely work in the music industry enough to have any pull outside of being a reality show celebrity. Remy Ma is the exact opposite of that because she has celebrity pull outside of the show as an artist and she doesn’t depend on LAHH for the fame. Although, she would definitely give the series a breath of fresh air… and some much needed talent.

Unfortunately, the only thing Remy Ma can benefit from Love and Hip Hop is more publicity for her music career. And to be honest, Remy could have gotten that publicity starring in her own reality show instead of joining the LAHH cast. 

Just saying…