Racial uproar over “Hunger Games Catching Fire” cast member!!

It’s no surprise that the second movie installment of the Hunger Games movie franchise is doing even better than the first film at the Box Office.

Catching Fire has been breaking records left and right, and catapulting actors such as Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson (and the rest of the cast) into Hollywood super-stardom.

Unfortunately, the film’s popularity and success hasn’t stopped another group of people from surrounding the film in racial controversy involving a Black cast member (similar to the first film).

The racial controversy surrounding the first film involved a young black actress by the name of Amanda Stenberg, who played the character of Rue in The Hunger Games.

Many fans of the book who saw the movie voiced their ignorance on social networks about the character; complaining that she was black in the movie when they thought Rue was white in the book. Even though the character was described in the book as having “dark brown skin,” that didn’t stop thousands of ignorant people from spreading their frustration over an issue they were completely wrong about.

Fast forward to the next film, and now a new group of trolls are bitching about a character in Catching Fire, played by the very talented Jeffrey Wright.

In the book, the character played by Wright is Beetee, a veteran of the Darwinian competition  who is also White.

Obviously Jeffrey Wright is Black, but his race shouldn’t have anything to do with his acting skills or which character he plays in the movie.

Not to mention the character is FICTIONAL!

As long as his race doesn’t impact the progress of the storyline or plot, WHO. GIVES. A. FUCK?