R. Kelly scams his fans into buying $150 tickets to see an impersonator?

Can someone send a memo to R. Kelly’s people and let them know that this is not a episode of catfish on MTV.

Because apparently the singer (or his camp, not that it matters) decided it would be OK to charge $150 per ticket to his show and let an impersonator perform.

While numerous news sources are still up in the air as to whether or not an R. Kelly or an impersonator performed, fans on the other hand are none to pleased.

NME reported that fans paid about $150 per ticket to see Kells perform in Louisiana at the Monroe Civic Center on October 26th.

Three hours past the start time for the performance, someone other than Kelly (according to an attendee) took the stage and lip-synced to a bunch of songs before getting off the stage.

Local news outlet KNOE, said that the promoter for the event, Cedric Johnson, admitted to also being “duped” and agreed to refund the money via text… at first. The promoter later denied the test was from him, stating he never sent out the message, and will not pay back any money to the fans who paid to see R. Kelly perform that night.

A spokesperson from the Kelly camp reached out to Pitchfork to deny all  allegations that an impersonator took the stage instead of the singer.

A representative for R. Kelly reached out to us, saying the person at the event was indeed R. Kelly. They also note that the event was billed as featuring an “appearance” from R. Kelly, not as a full concert.

Take a look at the video below from the event and let me know if you think the person on stage is R. Kelly or a fake!