Quentin Miller says Meek punched him in New York over ghostwriting for Drake; Meek denies the fade!

A while ago, Taxstone gave an interview on Vlad TV where he revealed that Meek Mill once ran into Drake’s alleged ghostwriter, Quentin Miller, and had his people punch Miller in the face at a Nike store in LA.

Fast forward to a more recent Vlad TV interview with Quentin Miller and the “ghostwriter” basically admits to Taxstone’s story about the confrontation with Meek in LA.

Quentin basically confirmed what Taxstone said about Meek confronting him in the Nike store, and how he got sucker punched right after. Miller said Meek’s biggest complaint during the confrontation was the letter he released denying all  ghostwriting allegations.

According to Miller, the punch came when one of Meek’s crew tried to get Quentin to apologize for the letter.

“…one of his man’s came back, like with his phone out and he was like ‘Yo, I need you to go on camera saying you apologize to Meek Mill and everything you said is a lie.’ And I was like ‘Nah man, like I’m not doing that shit.’ And like mid conversation… like mid-me saying that just “POW” and took off on me…”

The one thing Miller wouldn’t confirm during the interview is whether or not Meek wanted to use him as a ghostwriter, stating: “I’m not getting into detail about that.”

Meek, who’s currently on house arrest, denied the allegations on IG.


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