Pusha T drops straight fire with “KING PUSH”! Update: Rapper doesn’t know who produced the track!!

There’s been a lot of new music videos dropping lately, but I’ve yet to be impressed by any of them. Not that they’re lacking the essentials that normally go along with rap videos. You know what I’m talking about- the cliched scenes and unnecessary shots of decadence and debauchery that we always see now: the mansions, exotic women (twerking), luxury cars , designer clothes, expensive liquor, and stacks of cash laying around.

For those of you who were hoping to see that same shit in Pusha T’s new music video, sorry to disappoint.

The only thing you’ll get from King Push is straight FIRE, and I prefer it that way!

Pusha T’s last music video for his song Numbers On The Board didn’t have a lot fancy visuals for his fans to look at; just a bunch of scenes thrown together of Push rapping against a simple industrial beat, looking insane with his “crazy eyes” and head nods.

His new video for King Push copies the same blue print, and is the defining reason why it stands out among other rap videos being dropped right now (that and the fact that the song is hot).

Other rappers usually depend on fake Hollywood plots, celebrity cameos and crappy visual effects to hype up there music videos, but it seems that King Push wasn’t concerned about that for his latest release. All you get is Pusha rapping against different backdrops, staring into the camera…with his crazy eyes.

The main theme in the lyrics reflect on Pusha’s long awaited entrance into the rap game as a solo artist, and self proclaiming himself “King” among other rappers who just “sing hooks” (a little Drake shade maybe?).

It should also be noted that the track, the second single from the rapper’ upcoming solo album, My Name is My Name, was produced by actor (and sometime rapper, apparently) Joaquin Phoenix.

When the GOOD Music MC was asked about the Phoenix produced track, he told Vibe:

He (Kanye) did give me new beats…he probably gave me about two or three new beats. One of those beats was from Joaquin Phoenix, and it’s probably gonna be, umm… I want it to be the intro to my album, so y’all will see what it’s about. When I heard it I knew it was mine MAN! As soon as I heard it…

I ain’t even mad…

Check out Pusha’s video below for King Push below and let me know what you think.



Well, it was said before that the King Push track was produced by none other than actor Joaquin Phoenix.

Pause that…

Apparently, the REAL man behind the beats of the song is the son of Metallica drummer, Lars Ulrich.

Or so Pusha thinks.  Rap-Up was able to sit the MC down to ask him produced King Push, but Pusha still wasn’t sure when he gave them an answer.

“I believe it is the son of Lars Ulrich from Metallica…I hope I’m not wrong this time. It was mistaken because it came from Joaquin.”

He doesn’t even know who really produced the track. All he knows is that it was given to Ye, from Phoenix, who received it from Ulrich Jr.

As long as the credits on the album are correct I guess…