Pitbull makes Lil Wayne diss track…no one cares!


I guess Pitbull was feeling hurt over what Wayne said about Miami and it’s basketball team, the Miami Heat.
So much so, that he decided to make a diss track aimed towards the tiny rapper, using the very popular song by DJ Baauer, “Harlem Shake.”

Although the Miami/Dade County native doesn’t name Weezy specifically in the song, he manages to name other YM members Slim and Baby.


Just in case you missed reports (or the video, or don’t have Twitter, or access to the web and live under a rock), Wayne was kicked out of a basketball game (for reasons still unknown to the public being as though both sides contradict each other’s story) and proceeded to bitch about it during Baby’s weekend birthday bash.
“Let’s finish having a good time. When I say ‘F*ck,’ you say ‘NBA.’  F*ck! When I say ‘F*ck,’ you say ‘Miami Heat.’ F*ck! You let them n*ggas know I’m from the streets so I ain’t going on no Twitter beef — take  it to the f*cking streets n*gga. F*ck all these n*ggas. F*ck LeBron,  f*ck D-Wade, f*ck all them n*ggas man. And, and, and I f*cked Chris  Bosh’s wife.”


For what it’s worth, Wayne did apologize for his tantrum while giving an interview on 99 Jamz in Miami.


He also sent out a tweet to Pitbull after hearing about the diss track.


Pitbull responded back to Weezy on Twitter by saying:


At the end of the day, it’s still Pitbull making a diss track aimed at Weezy, because Weezy had a bitch fit about being thrown out of a Lakers vs. Heat basketball game.


This situation would have been a lot more interesting if Chris Bosh had made a diss track aimed at Weezy instead of Mr. World Wide.
Especially since Lil Wayne publicly humiliated Bosh by declaring to the entire world that he fucked his wife.
Guess he’s too busy photo bombing pictures and making creepy faces on television and what not…