Pharrell Williams revealed that new music is on the way from N.E.R.D.!!

During an iHeartradio Twitter Q&A session, world renown producer, artist and philanthropist Pharrell Williams confirmed that he and his crew, N.E.R.D., will be releasing new music.

Williams didn’t reveal any other information during the Q&A about new music, but if we don’t hear anything by the end of the year, it’s safe to assume that news about an album or new music will come sometimes next year. Pharrell mentioned in 2013 that their album was in the works, but was put on hold due to other projects that he had with other artists; so it should be somewhat finished already.

Since their last album, Nothing, dropped 5 years ago, N.E.R.D. have only released singles for movie soundtracks, so fans are definitely due for some new shit!