Pharrell Williams has a ton of plagiarism controversy to deal with, but he’s still performing “Happy” at The Oscars!!

Did you really think that a bunch of plagiarism controversies from last year (and this year) would stop one of my favorite artist from performing at the 2014 Oscars; performing his nominated song, Happy?

Pffft, didn’t think so!

Most artist would stray away from the limelight when hit with so many controversies, but not my n*gga Pharrell.

Sure he still has the Robin Thicke, Blurred Lines issue to deal with. And yeah, is hating on Pha-REAL for his “I AM OTHER” shit, but who cares? 

Granted, a new plagiarism controversy surfaced this year when the lead singer from the rock band Franz Ferdinand tweeted out Pharrell’s riff biting for Paloma Faith’s awesome track, Can’t Rely On You, but the song is still dope as shit. Not to mention Franz’s lead singer, Alex Kapranos, later apologized about the shit in another tweet and took it back.

(Just to be clear, I am fans of all three artists!)

But we’re talking about Happy people! The song Pharrell Williams made for the Despicable Me 2 movie! I LOVE THAT SONG!!!!

And it needs to be performed at one of America’s most full of shit, prime-time awards shows, so that it can receive even more praise!

I’m really being sarcastic and so serious at the same time that it’s not even funny!

Check out Pharrell’s video for Happy below and tell me that song is the catchiest shit since