Nicki Minaj and Farrah Abraham argue on Twitter about Farrah being a horrible daughter.

To be honest, I’ve never seen a single episode of MTV’s show Teen Mom, so I don’t know much about TV reality star Farrah Abraham or the rest of the people on the show. But I’ve watched enough clips online to know that Farrah can be a HUGE bitch, and apparently Nicki Minaj felt the same way and decided to share her feelings about the struggling star on Twitter.

Why Nicki felt the need to share her thoughts about Farrah Abraham on social media is beyond me, especially when she knows her millions of followers (and the rest of the world) are watching her every move.

Not to mention she called Farrah a cunt!


I can see why Farrah tried to clapback at Minaj for the name calling, but it wasn’t like The Pink Print MC was lying about Farrah being the worse daughter in history! Nicki’s random ass Twitter comment was wrong as fuck, but it was also one of the most accurate descriptions a rapper has ever given the reality star. Sorry, not sorry.