Nick Cannon challenged Eminem to a rap battle for $100,000!!!

This is a rap battle challenge I never thought I would have to write about, but here goes.

Nick Cannon, actor, producer, and believe it or not, rapper, stopped by to see British Hip Hop DJ, Tim Westwood, for an interview on Tim Westwood TV. During the chat, Cannon told Westwood that he’s still waiting to battle Eminem (or anyone for that matter), and even wagered $100,000 to put up for the challenge.

I’m not sure how Nick Cannon sees himself as a rapper, but clearly the man has enough confidence in his art that he challenged any and all MC’s to a  $100,000 rap battle.

Not that I’m a fan of Nick’s rap skills, but I’ll admit I wouldn’t mind seeing this shit for pure entertainment reasons.

In the mean time, check out Nick’s freestyle he did over Drake’s 10 Bands and tell me if you think he has what it takes for a $100,00 rap battle.