Nelly’s fans stream his music to help pay off his debt! #HotInHerre #SaveNelly

Nelly’s fans are dedicated as fuck!

As soon as they heard that their favorite rapper was struggling financially to pay off  his 2 million dollar debt to the IRS, they quickly devised a plan:

Stream the rapper’s music on Spotify enough to raise money so he can pay off his debt.

Reports are saying Nelly was hit with a federal tax lien sometime last month for over $2 million, and owes almost $2k in state taxes as well.

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In order for the rapper to earn enough from Spotify to pay both debts off, fans would need to stream his music at least 500,000,000 times, according to Spotify and their revenue payout for artists!

Are you going to stream Nelly’s albums to help him pay off his debt or do you have more important struggles to worry about?

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