More details emerge about Nicki Minaj’s brother, Jelani, and his first degree rape charge!

It seems that after being bailed out by his famous sis, more details are emerging about Nicki Minaj’s older brother, Jenali Maraj (37), and his first degree rape charge.

According to reports, Jelani met the victim back in April of this year and lured her into his car by name dropping his famous sister, Nicki. Apparently there is video footage of Maraj pulling up to three girls in his White SUV near Lincoln and 116th Ave in Queens, New York; one gets in his car while the other two continue to walk away. Maraj drove off and parked nearby, where he raped the minor in the vehicle.

Reports are also saying he raped/sexually assaulted the victim in question (12) numerous times between April and November of this year, and was finally arrested in December for first degree rape and first degree sexual conduct with a minor.

Maraj is being investigated for rapes that involve other children as well (going back more than 2 years), with rumors pointing to his step daughter.

Jelani is due back in court December 9th.