Miley gets help from Pharrell for new album!

Looks like Miley pulled a Justin Timberlake and called on Mr. Pharrell Williams, super music producer to the stars, to help with her new album.

Smart move.

Pharrell Williams is  a multifaceted businessman who has worked with everyone from Britney Spears to Jay-Z; from Japanese artist Takashi Murakami to French fashion house Louis Vuitton.

He’s more than capable of helping an ex-Disney pop star make a much needed comeback album.

For one, he’s been in a similar situation before with Justin Timberlake.

When Justin was trying to transition his music career from boy band member to a certified solo star, he called upon Pharrell’s producing talents to help craft, Justified.
No need to go into detail, but the collab paid off (3 million in the States, and over 7 million worldwide).

So Miley Cyrus + Pharrell Williams (as weird as this sounds)= kind of makes sense.

The two have been in the studio since the summer of last year, around June 2012, working on tracks.
When Bullet magazine asked the N.E.R.D. star back in September about working with Miley, this is what he had to say:

“I’m Morpheus, and she’s Neo…I can’t tell her what to do, I can only let her find it within herself…Her voice is unreal. She’s got that amazing low tone. It sings like it’s from ’79. I don’t usually compliment my own stuff, but it’s unlike anything she’s ever done before. And I have a lot of respect for her—don’t care what anyone says. ‘Party in the U.S.A.’ was a big record. She challenged the pop world with that song.”

I wouldn’t say all that about Party in the U.S.A., but okay…

The former Hannah Montana star has already mentioned to her desire to make a “sick record” and that we can expect to see an album early this year.

She also mentioned in another interview that “a lot of the beats are produced hip-hop beats…but the vocal is very raw and my voice is kind of on top of all the tracks, which is what I wanted.”
Sounds interesting.

I applaud Miley for taking initiative to create something fresh with Pharrell. It shows that she’s trying to evolve and mature as a singer; and that she’s willing to challenge herself, her fans, and the music industry with this new sound.

I really wouldn’t give two shits about Miley’s upcoming album if Pharrell wasn’t involved.
Not that I have anything against the former Disney starlet, it’s just that my taste in music doesn’t usually gravitate towards the shit she puts out.

But with Mr. “Phar-Real” at the wheel, I may actually tune in. Had she pulled someone like Will.I.Am instead, (who for some reason is still stuck in the electro-club phase that made B.E.P. popular around 2009), I would have been worried.

She didn’t….well played Cyrus.

Here’s hoping for the best.