Meek Mill is still being messy on social media; continues to shade Wale!

Hold up wait a minute… y’all thought Meek was finished?

The Philly MC is back on social media to throw more shade at Wale for mentioning his name during an interview with Power 105.1 The Breakfast Club.

After Wale’s interview, Meek had a whole lot to say about Folarin, specifically that the rapper was not welcomed in MMG (not that Meek has the final say so on that, but OK) and that Wale should jump off a roof. But the drama didn’t stop there! Meek waited a while before he came for Wale again on Instagram, slandering the rapper and calling him everything from a “fuckboy” to an envious, fake friend.

“You can’t b friends with someone who want your life…. You can’t break bread with someone who want you slice…. Can’t b on a team with someone who want you to lose…. Can’t b family if it’s gotta b all about you! #MMG X #DC minus the f#%kboy”

Wale clapped back on Twitter with an appropriate response.

I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m over Meek being shady on social media at this point, especially towards other rappers. Every time somebody does or says something he doesn’t agree with, Meek has to share his hurt feelings with the world as if:

  1. We give a fuck, and
  2. He’s always right, because he’s not.

Over it!

The bullshit was cute when Meek would post a rant online once every blue moon or so and give us bloggers something to joke about, but now the Philly MC is dropping more shade on social media than he does singles for the radio; and it’s not a good look.