Meek Mill denies being engaged to Nicki Minaj!!

meek-mill-nicki-minajWell they’re dating, they’re just not engaged. And I think I know where the confusion came from (whether it was done on purpose for PR or by accident). After Meek Mill gifted Nicki Minaj with a heart shaped, 15 carat yellow diamond ring, (that she sported on her ring finger), many people assumed the two were engaged.

279EA77400000578-3040683-image-a-90_1429164488697But in a recent interview with The Fader Meek admitted that he’s not engaged, contrary to popular belief.

The rapper explained to Fader that his relationship with Nicki is “definitely real,” but the time to get married isn’t right now.

“We’re still learning each other, feeling each other out.”

Which makes a lot of sense considering they JUST started dating earlier this year, and it’s only May.

However, Meek did say that many close to him still believe the rumors, like his grandmother, who apparently believes “whatever she sees on TV.” And fellow MC’s like T.I., who congratulated Meek when he saw the Philly Native at a restaurant in Beverly Hills, which made the rapper admit once again “I ain’t engaged.”

I guess we’ll have to wait around to see if this rumor ever becomes true!