Lil Wayne must have gotten brain damage from lean because he really thought racism didn’t exist!

I’m just going to blame Tunechi’s statement’s about racism in America on all the cups of lean he’s had and the seizures he’s suffered from, because clearly the rapper has brain damage if he thinks racism doesn’t exist.

That’s the only way to explain Lil Wayne’s comments on Undisputed (sports talk show)when he was asked about Colin Kaepernick’s protest, racism, and police brutality in this country. Wayne started off his response saying that he’s been blessed his whole life, and therefore has never dealt with racism personally… therefore he thought racism didn’t exist.

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When Weezy was asked again about the incidents of police brutality, specifically in his home town, the rapper agreed that yes, he ‘s aware of what’s going on, he sees it, but prefers to focus on his own family instead. He also said that when he saw White kids in the audience at his concerts, he took that as a sign that racism is dead, especially with the millennials.

Like Shannon said after Wayne talked about his own experiences with racism, or the lack thereof, not seeing it for yourself up close doesn’t mean it racism doesn’t exist. It confusing that Wayne can be aware of the horrors that go on in this country regarding Black people, but for some reason think it was nonexistent because he didn’t experience it personally. Not to mention the fact that he’s talked about police brutality and racism in his music in the past.

Oh Lord, what are we running from?
The police cause they already killed enough of us
Stay out them streets cause they don’t fuck with us, they hunting us
We in a race against racists, that’s a color run

So Wayne sees it happening, knows it happening, has talked about it happening in his music, but still thinks racism is dead?

Blame it on the lean.