Lauryn Hill tries to apologize for being over 2 hours late!

In not so surprising news, Lauryn Hill showed up two hours late to a show in Atlanta at the Chastain Park Amphitheater, infuriating fans who not only paid to see her perform but also got a short set from the singer once she arrived because her mic was cut off after only 40 minutes of performing due to the venue’s strict curfew policy.

Of course Miss Hill got dragged on social media for her repeated tardiness, which prompted the artist to respond to her fans and critics on Facebook with an… explanation and apology… sort of.

So according to Miss Lauryn Hill, the reason (or some of the reasons) why she was two hours late to her Atlanta show are (translations included):

  1. She has difficulty aligning her energy with the time (she’s always late)
  2. She’s not disciplined enough to follow her schedule
  3. People shouldn’t be pissed about her lateness because she’s performed at other shows well over her time limit
  4. Sometimes she shows up late, sometimes she doesn’t
  5. She can’t figure out a way to get everything done and ready before the show starts
  6. Her “real/true” fans understand

I’m sure her fans appreciate whatever that Facebook post was supposed to be in regards to the Atlanta show, but it doesn’t excuse being late or the fact that Ms. Hill has done it before; and chances are she’ll do it again.

Her best bet at this point is to either hire some help so she can arrive on time to her shows, or just stop scheduling shows altogether.