Kim K.’s p*ssy makes men go insane…literally!


Kanye West, Revel

That is the only logical explanation I can come up with to explain the shit Kanye West was wearing for his recent performance at Revel Resort in Atlantic City.


Oh, and did I mention the rant he gave while performing?
(At this point, I think it’s becoming the rapper’s trademark speech for shows).

Although the Chicago native is known to be a bit “cray,” it seems since he’s hooked up Kim Kardashian and claimed her his “baddest bitch” the rapper has gotten worse.


Take for instance, this latest incident in Atlantic City.


Granted, the producer/ rapper likes to think of himself as a fashion expert ever since he debuted his fashion line at Paris Fashion Week in 2011; which was critically panned worldwide.
But that’s still no excuse for his ass to appear on stage dressed like he raided Lady Gaga’s closet high off Molly.

This isn’t the first time the rapper’s fashion choices have come under fire, or his constant bitching.

Ye went on a rant during his performance one night, complaining about songs and albums that were snubbed by the Grammy, how the media treats him, and his fashion line being criticized.


Ugh, boy bye!



How Kim deals with all his whining is beyond me (oh yeah I forgot, he’s rich), but the shit needs to stop and West needs to sit his ass down!

How ungrateful can this little turd get?

Never mind the countless awards he’s already received for his work as a rapper and a producer.

Never mind the fact, that even without experience (or good taste for that matter) he was able to debut his female fashion line at Paris Fashion Week; with resources and funds that most other starting professionals could only dream of.

Yes, let’s all forget about the many accomplishments and accolades he has received thus far in his career, because as Ye stated during his rant:

“I ain’t crazy, I’m just not satisfied…”


The most I’ve heard him be thankful for as of late has been Kim ass… which I’m guessing he’ll marry as soon as the divorce from her 72-day marriage is finalized.

Speaking of Ye digging in Kim’s ass, I guess congratulations are in order for the entertainment industry’s most overexposed and annoying couple.

Mr. West announced that he and the reality TV starlett are expecting!


Here’s hoping a reality show WILL NOT be in the works for this.

Last thing anyone needs to see is “Kimye” whoring their brand new bundle of joy out for everyone (with enough money to pay for magazine covers and endorsements) to see.

Check out the videos below of Kanye’s performances at Revel!