Kendrick Lamar responds to Geraldo Rivera and FOX News “…Twisting my message!!”


Geraldo Rivera, the has been TV host and struggling FOX news anchor, tried it again recently with his argument against Hip Hop by using Kendrick Lamar’s performance at the 2015 BET Awards.

K. Dot took the time out to respond to Geraldo’s ignorant statement to set him and Fox News straight!

During a FOX news segment called “The Five,” Rivera insisted once that the imagery and lyrics from Kendrick’s BET Alright performance does more damage to Black youth than actual racism… because it does stuff like, incite violence.


Geraldo’s statements about Kendrick’s performance at the BET awards and his song lyrics prove the struggling news anchor didn’t actually watch or listen to any of it, and just gave an opinion on what he thought would further his argument about the Hip Hop culture and it’s negative impact on the Black community.

Rivera’s ignorance just made him look like a dumb ass on national television (because that performance was the shit), but I guess digging his own grave wasn’t enough for K. Dot.

In a quick interview with messy entertainment gossip site TMZ, Kendrick shared his opinion about Rivera’s attempt to shade not only his performance, but the overall culture of Hip Hop, and did very well doing so.

Rivera didn’t even listen to the lyrics or take in the entirety of Kendrick’s performance before he stereotyped it as negative. Hopefully Lamar’s response will make him double back and give it another watch before he’s so quick to judge.