Kendrick Lamar just gave us the Blackest performance at the Grammys, and the shit was epic!

If Beyonce gave us the women’s anthem for Black empowerment this year with Formation, then Kendrick delivered the performance anthem for the men!

K.Dot, who never disappoints with his songs, albums or live performances, set the stage on fire (kind of) this year at the 58th Annual Grammy Awards, with a mash up of 3 different tracks along with a powerful stage. Actor Don Cheadle introduced Lamar, giving the young MC nothing but praises for his body of work, influence in rap and the strides he’s made in the music industry thus far.

Kendrick began his performance leading a group of men, single file, onto the stage dressed in prison uniforms and shackled together. It isn’t until there’s a brief, dramatic pause and the lights go out, do people see the surprise glow up design hidden on the uniforms, referencing African culture.

Lamar then shuffled to another side of the stage where he performed his hit Alright in front of a huge bonfire and more back up dancers with outfits similar to that of an African tribe joined him.

The performance came to a powerful end with K. Dot standing in front a black and white outline of Africa, with the bold words, Compton in the middle, as his silhouette stood in front.

Kendrick’s entire performance was entertaining enough to make you get up and rap along with the MC but deep enough to make you sit down to understand the message behind it; I guess that’s why he got a standing ovation at the end! Click HERE to watch the full performance and let me know if you think Kendrick killed that shit!