Katt Williams made a video to explain what happened during the fight at Beanie Sigel’s concert in Philly.

Since a video dropped earlier this week showing comedian Katt Williams getting jumped on stage during a Beanie Sigel concert, people have been asking non stop, “What the fuck REALLY happened?”

Philly rapper Boone called a couple of radio stations to give his side of the story; basically saying that Katt was acting strange all night and attacked first, which turned into Katt getting jumped on stage. However, the comedian released his own video explaining his side of the story and addressing rumors that he was robbed the same night.

Never mind the fact that Katt still looks “off” in the video, but his story about the fight seemed off too. For example, when Katt mentions the fact the he didn’t get punched in the mouth, he makes it seem like he still didn’t get his ass whooped because his face is bruised free.

Uh yeah, because you were face down on the stage when you were getting stomped on the back of your head.

Katt also took his jewelry off during the video of him on stage during the concert, so it’s easy to assume why his shit wasn’t taken during the beat down… most of it wasn’t on him.

I’m not sure if Katt’s version of events is supposed to change how everyone’s viewing the fight that went down or his strange behavior as of late, but this explanation video didn’t help.