Katt Williams got jumped on stage during a Beanie Sigel concert in Philly!

Katt Williams is not doing well with Philly related issues right now.

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The first issue Williams’ had was with comedian turned actor Kevin Hart. Katt made a video where he called out the Philly comic and challenged him to a $1 million battle in either sports, stand up or rap (yes rap!) because Katt thinks Hart is a puppet; among other things, I’m sure.

Fast forward a few days and Katt issued a formal apology to Kevin, stating he was wrong for even mentioning Hart’s name.

Now Williams is dealing with a recent brawl that went down in Philly at a Beanie Sigel concert. The comedian decided to attack someone on stage during the show and ultimately got jumped on stage.

As you can see in the video, Katt was acting a little “off” during the majority of the show, so it’s hard to determine why he jumped up and elbowed a guy in the face during Beanie’s performance.

Did the other guy antagonize Katt, were words exchanged before the fight on stage? No one’s sure, but I can say this is just another incident to add to a long list if altercations that Katt has been involved in just this year alone (like this one).

We’ll have to wait and see if Katt mentions this at some point during his stand up “Conspiracy Theory” Tour to find out what really happened in Philly.