Katt Williams continues to spiral out of control!


How many times is Katt Williams going to do something crazy before he pulls a Britney and shaves off his perfectly permed hair?

Apparently it’s going to be a few more times, because he has yet to cut a strand!

The vertically challenged comedian continues to spiral out of control; the latest resulting in an arrest after a bar fight in Seattle.

According to TMZ,Williams was arrested after he allegedly threatened people in a bar with a pool cue; including the bar’s manager.


But the CRAY didn’t stop there!

Williams then followed and threatened a group of people outside of the bar, flicked a cigarette into a woman’s eye, and threw a rock at a car.


I can’t even begin to…what is this dude smoking?!


This incident just adds to the many Katt Williams has been involved in this past year. To be honest, he started most of the shit.

I mean, just a week ago Katt was in trouble for slapping a Target employee in the face.

I probably shouldn’t admit this, but as soon as I watched the video, I got flashbacks of this:

(Sorry Mr. Target employee)

Time will only tell how of all this will end for the comedian, but my bet is on one of three things: either jail, rehab, or he goes into hiding because the embarrassment of going broke is too much for his small body to take.

Lets hope he does none of the above and gets his shit together fast!

  • Thanks. I haven’t been blogging long, but thanks for the compliments!

  • Davdi Ell

    Katt really????

    • Yes, really! That fool done went straight cray! LOL