Karrine “Superhead” Steffans told Vlad TV that she will NEVER stop messing around with Lil Wayne! Welp, Christina!

Christina Milian recently admitted during a radio interview that she is in love with her current BAE, Lil Wayne.
However, Karrine “Superhead” Steffans revealed in a recent interview with Vlad TV that she has been fucking around with Weezy since 2007, and they will NEVER STOP!

Welp, Christina…

It’s not like people weren’t already giving Milian the side eye for messing with her daughter’s- father’s- baby mom’s- baby daddy… (you read that shit right, Google it!).

But now people are going to wonder if Christina has any sense at all when it comes to men and relationships.

Granted, there’s no proof that Karrine and Weezy are still fucking around, but any woman who goes on social media and says that she has, is, and will continue to fuck Lil Wayne, regardless if they’re in a relationship or not, must have some truth to her story.

And a lot of balls!

What do you guys think? Check out Superhead’s interview with Vlad TV below!