Kanye received backlash for multi-racial casting call tweet!

Kanye is currently casting new models for his Yeezy 4 fashion line and decided the best way to promote this was on social media for the world to see. So he posted a casting call on Twitter asking for bare faced, “multi-racial” women ONLY to audition as models.

He immediately received backlash for the tweet!

Fans questioned Ye’s request for multi-racial women ONLY, assuming that this was a ploy to hire women of color who were light skinned/damn near White and exclude dark skinned women. Not to mention the questions about HOW Kanye or his team were going to determine the ethnicity and race of the models who auditioned.

Hundreds of women still showed up for the casting audition, with the line stretching down the streets and around the blocks of New York city, with a few protestors and angry fans sprinkled here and there throughout the crowd of women.


Ye spoke to Vogue magazine in regards to the backlash saying he wasn’t here for the controversy and that the concept to audition multi-racial women wasn’t to exclude people but to include “all variations of Black.”

01-kanye-yeezy-season-4Do you think this was an excuse to use light skinned and non-Black women or do you think Kanye is trying to show more diversity in the fashion industry?