Kanye continues to troll fans on Twitter to promote album; says he $53 million in debt!

Remember when artists used to just drop new music, fall back and watch their fans react; when they used to let their music do the talking?

No? Me either. Why?

Because there’s not a stunt or controversy celebs won’t pull to promote themselves these days. Especially now that we’re in the golden age of social media, celebs can cause trouble in real time without having to go through their management or PR first. And Kanye West has taken full advantage of this shit for his new album So Help Me God, SWISH, WAVES, T.L.O.P., The Life Of Pablo!


Since Ye decided to focus more on his music this year (in conjunction with his The Walking Dead couture fashion line and his futuristic Mad Max Yeezy sneakers), he’s become the epitome of celebs trolling for the sake of promotion. He’s done everything on Twitter from feud with other rappers, talk shit about people’s kids, talk shit about other clothing/sneaker brands, to admitting that’s he’s $53 million in debt.

Yes, he even pulled the “I don’t have the money you think I have” Fiddy card and said he’s low on personal funds. I guess that’s why he’s trying to get in touch with Facebook creator and billionaire, Mark Zuckerburg, so hopefully the social media genius can help Ye out and invest in his “ideas.”

kim kardashian kanye west smh no way doubt

Meanwhile more people are talking about his Twitter rants than his album which, after countless delays, name changes and unnecessary features, is finally available and can be streamed on TIDAL now!


What do you guys think of Ye’s trolling on social media? Yeah sure it’s entertaining at first, but the constant tantrum tweets from Kanye is starting to wear thin on a mutha fucka. Plus, he’s not even in debt, he’s just trolling for attention again!