Justin finally gives me what I want with “Take Back the Night!”

Did Justin Timberlake read my post about the songs from his 20/20 Experience album?

Did he somehow manage between promoting, touring, and making new music, to stumble upon my little blog site and browse through all of the posts and land on the one I did about his last album?

Did he notice the criticism I gave him for releasing the same shit from years ago as new material?

Probably not, but Justin did decide it was time to stop dropping tracks that sound like left overs from FutureSex/LoveSounds and release music that sounds fairly different.

That reason alone is enough to throw praise at Justin’s music video and song for Take Back The Night, the first single from his upcoming album, The 20/20 Experience 2.

Unlike many other artists who are using Marvin Gaye’s sound as inspiration for their recent singles, Timberlake followed in the King of Pop’s footsteps and made a track reminiscent to old school MJ. Musically, the song is a nod to the pop disco era that Michael Jackson made popular with his albums such as Off The Wall, so I’m already felling the song.

It  starts off with a nice horn section to bring it in, making way for Justin’s falsetto vocals to smooth us into the first verse. You can pretty much expect the same for the rest of the track; steady guitar grooves, low percussion that blends well, and horns that popp up here and there throughout the track.

Justin sticks to the instrumentation (horns, strings, etc) that he had with his first single, Suit and Tie, he just changes up the style.

Was I blown away, no, but the song still doesn’t disappoint; and it gives me a little more than what I got with the first half of the album.

The video has the Southern singer walking (really dancing) through the streets and small stores of NYC, crooning all the way to, of course, a party or dance scene of some sort. Scenes of Justin performing on his current Legends of Summer Tour cut in between the main video, showing him on stage singing to a screaming audience.



When the song was first released, there was controversy surrounding the title of the song. Justin, or someone in his camp, forgot to do a little background check on the name to make sure it wasn’t already is use.

It was, but not by another artist.

Take Back The Night is actually the name of an international foundation against rape and sexual violence. When JT debuted the single,  the organization’s lawyers quickly voiced their concerns over the similar names but very “different” message by sending a letter to Justin’s legal team.

“In reading the lyrics, I think they’re open to a lot of interpretation. They’re  clearly sexual, but they’re not about sexual assault – so I think the problem  may be just confusion with how an overtly sexual song matches with the mission  of ending sexual violence.”

Timberlake responded via Radar Online, saying that he didn’t know the foundation existed (no shit, Sherlock) but hoped that the coincidence would “bring more awareness to this cause.”


Either way, I got a bit more of what I was looking for with this song than I did with his other singles from the first half of the 20/20 Experience.

Plus, a rape and sexual violence awareness foundation got more media attention because Justin Timberlake ripped off their name.

It’s a win-win!