John Legend fittin’ to get women pregnant with song “Made To Love!”

Have you heard John Legend’s new song, Made to Love?

Seen the music video yet? No?

Well then I suggest you scroll down after you read this and get your mind blown, because Legend just released another track to help increase the world’s population ten fold!

Made to Love, Legend’s second single from his fourth studio album, Love in the Future, is a delicious mix of strong percussion, piano and the singer’s smooth baritone vocals. The track begins with a few percussion hits,then  Legend’s voice falls in accompanied with more music, declaring:

“I was sent here for you,

We were made to love,we were made to love

You were sent for me too,

We were made to love, we were made to love…”

Simple, but deep.

You can expect the same simplicity throughout the video as well. There is no major plot line to follow, distracting extras or sub-par acting from artists. The video sticks to simple theme throughout, showcase the singer and provide stunning imagery. Well done!

Directed by Daniel Sannwald ( Yoann Lemoine as the Creative Director), the music video divides itself up into two main parts.

This is obvious as soon as the video starts- one scene begins with a close up of Legend’s eye in black and white, then abruptly cuts to another scene of men and women of different races, standing still, intertwined and naked, in full color. These two main scenes (between John and the “extras”) cut back and forth throughout the video. But as it progresses, the camera shots change and move in sync with the music and the imagery becomes more complex.

Still bodies move and shift, solid mass changes form and colors melt into each other until they turn into a holographic hue of love lava! Those scenes provide a bright contrast to the scenes were John Legend is singing only in black and white.

Take a look for yourself below!

Now, for the life of me I can’t figure out why this song reminds me of Moments in Love by British group Art of Noise.

Two totally different songs, but I guess because of the instrumentation, accompanying female vocals and the choir of voices that show up Moments keep popping up in my head when I hear Legend’s song.

Not that it’s a bad thing. Moments in Love has to be hands down one of the best R&B slow jams in history.

It’s compliment to even be compared.

However, we all know Made to Love can stand on it’s on as well.