Jhene Aiko finally wins me over with “Bed Peace” featuring Childish Gambino!

I just want to start this post off by apologizing to all the Jhene Aiko fans and to the artist herself.

I had easily written off Aiko as another hook singer after hearing her feature on multiple rap tracks singing the chorus (J. Cole, Big Sean, Wale, and others). Her soft voice and style didn’t impress me and they were too similar to another indie R&B chick whose music I was trying to give a chance but still couldn’t completely get into (Cassie).

But then I came across Jhene Aiko’s newest track, Bed Peace, with rapper Childish Gambino, and she changed my opinion right away.

Truthfully, I’m not really a fan of this whole new alternative R&B sound that’s been going mainstream lately. I haven’t found an artist I can connect with lyrically or musically, and soft voiced, R&B singers aren’t really my cup of tea, aside form maybe The Weeknd. Which is probably why I’m not the biggest fan of Cassie and didn’t pay much attention to Aiko when she dropped her first mixtape.

But what the 25 year old, Def Jam singer lacks in vocal power and style, she makes up for with song writing and technique.

In Bed Peace, (the lead single from her second upcoming mixtape Sail Out), Jhene contemplates what an average day for her would be like if she could do things her way and escape from the everyday bullshit and monotony she’s used to. Instead of waking up early and getting ready for another dull day, she fantasizes about sleeping until the afternoon, getting blunted, fucking her lover and then keeping it moving.

Ugh… if we could all be so lucky.

The guitar assisted-urban pop track shines even more with Gambino featuring, who adds his effortless rhymes to the alternative R&B melody like it’s nothing.

Originally Drake was supposed to feature on the track, but according to Jhene, the rapper was unable to make an appearance due to his busy schedule. I think it worked out for the better with Gambino instead.

The artwork for the single was inspired by the late great Beatles singer John Lennon and his wife Yoko Ono, who used what they called “Bed Ins” as a form of peaceful protest against war. Although it’s a stretch to compare a war protest to a day of lounging in bed smoking weed (even though that’s probably what Lennon and Ono during their “Bed Ins”) the originality and overall concept fits the song, so I ain’t even mad.

Jhene’s Aiko’s pipes will never be comparable to Beyonce’s or Adele’s, but at least she’s coming correct with her lyrics and music style. If she continues to release tracks like Bed Peace with features from rappers like Gambino, she might have a new fan on her hands.

Take a listen to Jhene’s track Bed Peace below and let me know what you think.