Janet Jackson’s returning with a new Record Label, new album and world tour!

janet-unbreakable-world-tour-500A while ago, iconic pop Queen Janet Jackson (Ms. Jackson if you’re nasty) announced that she would be returning to music to give us all a well over due scalping with a new music and a world tour to coincide with the album’s release.

And she’s doing all under her new label, Rhythm Nation Records!

My edges are falling out already!

Janet, who hasn’t released an album since 2008’s Discipline and hasn’t gone on tour since 2011, dropped a video teaser back in May announcing her return to music. She’s been listening… and she wants to keep the “conversation going.”

The album, which hasn’t been officially titled yet, is scheduled to drop sometime this Fall, while the 36 date tour will kick off the end of this summer, in August (tickets go on sale June 22nd).

Check out the dates below for the tour and let me know if you’re ready for the Queen’s return to Pop!

Unbreakable World Tour Dates

8/31  Vancouver, BC
9/2    Calgary, AB
9/4    Edmonton, AB
9/8    Winnipeg, MB
9/11   Grand Rapids, MI
9/15   Toronto, ON
9/17   Raleigh, NC
9/18   Charlotte, NC
9/20   Miami, FL
9/23   Orlando, FL
9/24   Tampa, FL
9/26   Atlanta, GA
9/27   Nashville, TN
9/29  Memphis, TN
9/30  New Orleans, LA
1o/9   Las Vegas, NV
10/10  Las Vegas, NV
10/16  Los Angeles, CA
10/17  San Diego, CA
10/19  Phoenix, AZ
10/24  Salt Lake City, UT
10/25  Denver, CO
10/27.  Kansas City, MO
10/29   St Louis, MO
10/30  Omaha, NE
11/1     Minneapolis, MN
11/12   Honolulu, HI
11/13   Honolulu, HI