Janelle Monae slays as a futuristic cyber-server for Miguel in “PrimeTime.”

I can’t stan for Janelle Monae enough. Never mind the obvious talent she posses as an entertainer; being able to sing, write and produce, but she also gives her fans GOOD music!

And now with her most recent single, PrimeTime, having it’s own music video to go along with it, it’s obvious that Ms. Monae likes to serve up good, creative and original music videos as well!

Lawd knows I was suppose to write about this music video when it first debuted, which was a while ago, I know (I’m busy,shut up). But the tardiness doesn’t matter when you have an artist, song and music video as good as this.

The post must still go up!

Monae continues expanding her “Wondaland” fantasy world with this new music video, introducing fans to her cool alter ego, Cindy Mayweather, and her fabricated first love, Miguel’s character, Joey Vice.

The video (directed by Alan Ferguson) opens with Mayweather (Monae) working as a cyber server at a night club called Electric Sheep, where she’s adjusting the settings on a humanoid jukebox.

I think I should mention, the jukeboxes dance as they play music…

Yeah, those are the types of night clubs that exist in Janelle’s futuristic world of  “Wondaland”.

Cindy ends up quitting her night gig after a patron grabs on her booty during work. And guess who was waiting outside ready to console our unemployed maiden in distress? Joey Vice.

The rest of the video plays out like a romantic first date for the lovebirds as they hit up a party, walk around and enjoy each other’s company.

Sounds a little cheesy but trust me, Ms. Monae keeps it fresh and the video fits well with the song.

Check it out below and let me know what you think!