Is The Game beefing with Meek Mill to help promote his new album 1992?

If you’re wondering why rapper Game is throwing shots at Meek Mill on diss tracks and social media, join the club!

The beef from the West coast rapper came out of nowhere towards the Philly MC, and started with a song called 92 bars, where Game calls out Meek for being a snitch, among other things.

“See that shit you got with Drake is like a slow leak/Blood’ll be dripping like Niagara if I poke Meek/Nicki won’t get no sleep, I’m coming through at 4 a.m/Four deep, to leave his dead body on the soaked sheets”

He also shouted Meek out during a performance in Miami, where he told the audience he’s waiting to beat Meek’s “ass one good time.”

Meek responded on Instagram, seemingly un-bothered by all the talk from Game, with the caption:

“Just got done counting 5 Millie in cash they making memes of me! I’m everything these chumps dream to be!”

Just got done counting 5 Millie in cash they making memes of me! I'm everything these chumps dream to be!

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From there, the beef continued to escalate on social media, with both Meek and Game throwing shots at each other via memes, videos and shady IG post.

The most important thing to remember about this beef is the timing of it. Game has an album dropping next month (October 4th) called 1992 and needs a good way to promote it. Is it a coincidence that he started a beef with Meek a month prior to his album release…?

Not at all.

If Game really had a problem with Meek, he should have contacted him personally, not over diss tracks, social media or on concert stages. Clearly Game is doing this for the attention, whether his accusations about Meek are true or  not.

And Meek actually “snitching” on Game has yet to be proven. Fans are still waiting for more info to drop about how this beef got started in the first place.