Is Meek Mill taking etiquette classes?!

Could this have something to do with Meek Mill’s New Year’s resolution? I mean, the MMG rapper already went out of his way during the holiday season to give back to his community to start the year off right (Thanksgiving and Christmas), but this is a bit much!

Now the Philly native has decided to take etiquette classes? Meek getting fancy on us!

It seems Meek, after completing court ordered etiquette classes for violating his probation, has added more classes to his busy celebrity schedule to continue his lessons.

“According to Meek’s lawyer, the rapper passed the courses with flying colors — including classes about dressing for success and proper social media communication — but enough wasn’t enough.”

The 26 year old rapper, being the baller that he is, hired the best of the best, a woman by the name of Gail, from the Madison School of Etiquette and Protocol, to teach him the ABC’s in appropriate social behavior; apparently Meek wants to improve his international dining skills. (The constant traveling from country to country maybe, who knows?)

To be honest, there are a lot of rappers who could use a lesson or two in etiquette. Props to Meek for doing it on his own.